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TLO consists of dedicated individuals with multiple backgrounds in, programming, technology, professional investigators, officers, etc. The website provides flexible pricing plans and with no monthly minimums. It’s a website used to bring together businesses, people, and assets and defining a relationship between the customer and the company. Equipped with the most secure security systems, the website helps fights and detects internal and external fraud.

It’s a place where you can search for anyone in the world. TLO gives you the opportunity to locate criminal records, background checks, social media accounts, etc. Not only does it locate just one individual, but it’ll also give you connection points between others and is the only service that includes that function. With the business function, the website provides you with detailed profiles on their employees, assets, and their principles.

Over all, it’s an easy to use and clean website, with information that is updated daily. It provides customer support that answers your frequently asked questions. An excellent website where one can get accurate information within seconds.

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