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How to Investigate Prostitutes on Backpage

Searching for prostitutes on backpage is relatively simple. You don’t even have to type anything into the search bar.  The main page has it already listed. There is an option for adults, you can see in the screen shot below.

Photo 1
To began a search for prostitution, start inside the escort tab. A page will pop up, letting you know that there may be nudity on this platform. Click the “I Agree” button to continue. Photo2

Right away, there is a post on the right-hand column about a lady saying she is back in Peoria and ready to play. This is something that may be suspicious activity, open up her blog/page and investigate 3

You can tell she is selling favors, even though she may not come out and say it. “I absOlUteLy lOve being limitlessly explOred… EvErYwHeRe!! EnjOy me (as I eagerly drain you of every last drop of your ‘energy’) while you experience all my right moves (with just the perfect rhythm:)” that is pretty self-explanatory. She also lists a phone number. With that information, we can use that to find out other information about her. She also has pictures up to show you what she looks like.  These photos could be used in TinEye reverse image search to see who all could be using these photos.Photo 4

Let’s see what type of other information we can find on her. Open another tab for google search and insert her phone number and see what results will appear. She is on a companionship site and also gives you her name, and other information, such as other escort sites she is on and other cities she used as an escort.Photo 5

If you chose to go a step further, you could call the number listed, to see who would answer.  This would help to determine if it is her “Shirley” or if she has a handler or “pimp.”  So this has the potential to turn into more than what you would believe. With some footwork, you could find a pimp with many girls and possibly uncover a prostitution ring.

That concludes our search, I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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