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How to Find Active Gang members On Facebook

This short tutorial will show ways to find active gang members within the Facebook platform. Our goal is to identify active gang members, see who they are connected to, what they are posting about, & try and locate any photos they have taken which can be utilized as evidence during a criminal investigation. We will use the search bar to find who is posting about gangs and even if they are in groups with other gang members on Facebook.

Begin the search with vice lords or almighty vice lords; enter the gang name you are searching for into the search bar.
The first screen you come to will bring you to the latest blogs about people posting on this topic.



I tend to scroll down to see what I can find. Once I see something I feel can lead me to the information I am seeking, I will click on that profile and begin my investigation. Some individuals may have their profile set on private, so you will not be able to see everyone’s page. We can see this individual’s profile because his profile is set to public. So we can see what all he is sharing on his time line & who is commenting on it as well.


Let’s check out the photos he has posted. In the photos that I have provided from his profile, you can see that he is throwing up the vice lord hand gesture and the set he is with within the organization. Which is conservative vice lord (CVL) He is also showing the bunny, which is one of the many symbols they use to identify themselves.


Let’s see what he is posting on his timeline. He has posted some pictures on his timeline and has “Almighty vice lord nation or nothing!”, And throwing up the vice lord (VL) hand symbols and he is posting other symbols such as the crescent moons and a five-point star. These have meaning to the vice lords.


You can see one member trying to tell another one about the rules and regulations of the gang. One of the sayings for the Almighty Vice Lord Nation is to say “Almighty” to let another know you are affiliated, and it’s also a form of respect to the members of this organization. We can investigate further to see if these others are active gang members also.


Facebook offers a “more” tab to see what the individual is interested in, where he may be going to check in at an event, what movies he likes etc.

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Facebook offers an “about” tab that people can post information about themselves. Here this will tell you where he is from, any relationship he may be in, and how many family members he has. This particular person has no information in this section, except that he has lived in major cities. You can click on the side panels where it offers you other tabs to click

There are plenty of gang members using Facebook to get noticed, and/or to recruit others into their organization. Now you know how to search for active gang members on Facebook!

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