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Achieving Success


I’ll bet that you want to be successful. In fact I will also wager that you have spent a lot of times asking yourself the question show can I be a success, how can I achieve the dreams I have within myself.

I just want to begin this talk by congratulating you because if those are questions you have asked or thoughts that have gone through your mind I want you to know that probably within you; you have restlessness and a potential that says to me that you have not yet achieved you maximum success.

You have not yet probably arrived at your greatest potential.

And that is why we are spending time together. Because I have a passion, a great passion in my life, to help people be successful. There is no greater joy that I have then to walk along someone just like you and find out where you are and say ok, this is where you are but this is where you could be and you say to me Josh that is exactly where I want to go…. I want to be. I want to arrive to that destination and together we work it out and we arrive there.

So let’s talk about success. The first mistake people make about success that it is a destination. So people will come up to me and say how do I become a success.

How do I arrive to my dream? And I can tell that they look at success as something out there…. They are here and success is out there.

And I think that they think over time if they do the right things over time that they will get there. The first thing I want you to know is that success is not a destination, it’s a journey.


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