Locating Prostitution on Snapchat.


Today our search is on how to identify potential prostitution on Snap Chat. Ever since the implementation of snap cash, Google Wallet, and other payment options, more people are buying adult entertainment on snap chat. It’s almost like a live porn hub. It is a pretty simple operation.  There are plenty of ways to search […]

Introduction to Snapchat


Snapchat has become one of the most popular chat applications for young adults and teens all around the world. It has started to become more popular than the Facebook Messenger, due to the unique ability for a post (aka SNAP) to disappear after a given period. Which provides the end user a belief of some […]

How to Investigate Prostitutes on Backpage

human trafficking

Searching for prostitutes on backpage is relatively simple. You don’t even have to type anything into the search bar.  The main page has it already listed. There is an option for adults, you can see in the screen shot below. To began a search for prostitution, start inside the escort tab. A page will pop […]

How to Find Active Gang members On Facebook


This short tutorial will show ways to find active gang members within the Facebook platform. Our goal is to identify active gang members, see who they are connected to, what they are posting about, & try and locate any photos they have taken which can be utilized as evidence during a criminal investigation. We will […]

Finding drugs on Facebook is easier than buying a cup of coffee

Today I will show you how to investigate drug users on the Facebook Platform. You wouldn’t believe how much of this content is out there on the web. We are going to search marijuana users, but because this will produce many results, we will break it down to a specific strain (Sour diesel). In the […]

Learn How to Identify Sex Trafficking on Backpage

Human Trafficking Investigations

This is a free tip-sheet teaching you how to identify human trafficking on Backpage.com. Our cheat sheet will give you tips on what to look for and how to tell the difference between real and fake ads… -Know what kinds of photos to look for -What resources you will need to complete your investigation -How […]

How to Identify & Investigate one of the Most Prolific Types of Refund Fraud to hit Retailers!


This is a How-to guide for identifying and investigating how fraudsters carry out one of the most prolific and most challenging types of refund fraud to hit our industry. -How fraudsters purchase high demand items without a trace -How fraudsters remove, re-package, and return items them for full value without getting caught -How fraudsters resell […]

Learn How Phishing Schemes are created by Hackers!


In the world of online scams, Phishing is one of the most common means of stealing login ID’s, passwords, sensitive data, or even money. With this Cheat Sheet you will be able to see how these scams are performed and what some of the most common methods are. The Cheat Sheet includes: -A Live Example […]